Whatever type of cooling unit you rely on, it is a complicated system and can suffer breakdowns from time to time. Delaying service is a sure way to face even more extensive damage down the road. One faulty component places added stress on the entire system, causing accelerated wear and tear, increased energy consumption and reduced cooling capacity. Proactive measures are the best way to enjoy complete and reliable performance from your equipment. Rely on the air conditioning professionals from Choice Heating & Cooling to diagnose the problem, make cost-effective recommendations, and deliver prompt, long-lasting solutions.

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When temperatures soar and your air conditioning isn’t living up to expectations, you need swift attention. Whether your unit fails completely, runs but provides inadequate cooling, allows fluctuations in temperature, drips water, makes strange noises, or suffers from excess energy usage, Choice Heating & Cooling provides the prompt assistance you need. Our qualified technicians arrive equipped to handle a wide variety of difficulties in one visit. We work diligently to keep time and costs down, striving for quick turnaround, so that you can relax and enjoy the cool comfort of a system operating at peak condition.

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If your central air conditioner fails to activate automatically when temperatures climb, the thermostat may be the problem. If your system functions but doesn’t properly cool your home, the problem may be restricted airflow due to dirt accumulation or the coolant needs to be recharged. If the air handler’s motor runs but the blower fails to move air, the belt connecting the two may be broken. Squealing sounds from a belt-drive air handler are typically caused by a belt that has slipped, is worn, or is improperly aligned. If your unit drips or there is pooling water, condensation may be leaking from the drain tubes or there may be an obstruction to the condensate drain. While these issues are aggravating and uncomfortable, they are quickly resolved by experienced specialists from Choice Heating & Cooling. They are also warning signs, and if ignored, will lead to much bigger complications.

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When your system is not operating properly, guarantee that as cooling capacity steadily decreased, energy consumption is steadily rising. The manufacturer’s specifications for efficiency are based on a clean, well-maintained, smoothly-running system. In other words, it’s costing you more to be less comfortable. Instead of suffering with anything less than perfect, quiet, and consistent temperature control, call Choice Heating & Cooling at (518) 619-5030. Our trained technicians will ensure reliable and safe performance.

Restricted airflow may be the result of contaminants accumulated within your split system. Condensation and organic matter in the ductwork provides the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Mold and mildew growth on evaporator coils and vents can cause severe respiratory problems as spores become airborne and are dispersed through the home. While it can be difficult to access all parts of the air conditioning ductwork, the specialists from Choice Heating & Cooling have the necessary equipment and experience to remove stubborn and harmful bacteria from every component within your system and greatly improve efficiency and indoor air quality.

For your convenience, Choice Heating & Cooling offers emergency service, free estimates on new equipment installation, and flexible financing options. Our goal is to keep homeowners in Cohoes and the surrounding areas completely comfortable, and we’ve done an exceptionally good job for over 35 years. Contact us today!

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Colton W.

Just had a waterfurnace 5 series geothermal unit installed. It looks clean and neat. They went above and beyond to get my unit installed properly.

John H.

The two men from Choice Heating (Luke and Joe ) were very professional and hard workers at their craft. Besides doing an excellent job they were able to remove the old one and install my new gas furnace in one day .

Anthony B.

I would like to complement the crew from Choice Heating and Cooling for the excellent work in installing a new energy efficient heat pump and furnace at our home. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a quality energy efficient system.

Michael M.

I am very pleased with my experience with Choice Heating. They responded quickly were professional and was less cost than I had anticipated.

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